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Public art installation on the windows at 525 Carrall Street, Vancouver, in collaboration with Chinatown Today, Love Intersections, VALU CO-OP, and Heart of the City Festival.
two people on public transit
a person delivering groceries to an elder
a person receiving chemotherapy through a central line
Two panels. First panel is of a crowd at a demonstration. There are two legible signs, that read "BLM" and "LAND BACK" respectively. Bottom panel is of a weekly pill box.

This comic was made for the Heart of the City Festival in 2021, in collaboration with Valu Co-Op, Love Intersections, and Chinatown Today. It was displayed at Valu Co-Op's studio window at 525 Carrall Street, Vancouver, B.C., and an earlier version of this comic can be found in Chinatown Today's Chinatown Stories: Volume 3.

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